The reason we are or have been in Germany – the military. There have been so many changes in uniform, regulations, operational tours and exercises that they can almost define your time in Germany.

If you know what the words ‘Crusader’ and ‘Spearpoint’ mean then you were clearly around in the ’80s. If you know who Wolfgang was then you exercised on the Soltau training area.

There are many sites dedicated to the exercises and training areas but here it is about what you remember – not only as soldiers on ‘crash out’ or going on a train to Poland or being part of a convoy on the autobahn knowing that if you were in your own car you would be driving at twice the speed…but also as a family member where you didn’t have the mobile communications we have when the soldiers went away or when you were woken up by mistake because the crash out list was wrong.

The large scale exercises and live firing are all synonymous with the military in Germany and I will be sharing some of mine as ‘daughter of’ and also when I was serving in Dempsey Barracks, Sennelager.