Trips to the hairdressers should be a relaxing and enjoyable affair but when you are trying to explain the technicalities of an elaborate hairstyle then it can be quite stressful as you are not sure what the end result will be.

I still cannot remember the words for ‘layers’ but I have realised that a fringe is ‘bangs’ or ‘pony’ – I think! But then you enter into the hairdresser conversation. It may be a bit of harmless gossip with a bit of celebrity news thrown in when you are with an English hairdresser but the stress of trying to understand and translate in German can prove to be just too much.

But you can tell the newcomers to German barbers when they go in and are horrified when they emerge; trying to understand what they have done wrong. ‘I asked for a number 3’ – normal in an English barbers but in Germany it means 3mm! Once the clippers have eased their way across your head there is very little you can do but hope that they leave a little on the top. Finding a hairdresser or barber who speaks English and comes recommended is the way ahead.

Many spouses have been able to continue their career as a hairdresser while stationed in Germany and it would be great to feature some here – have you cut any famous heads of hair? Exercise haircuts?