Serving in Germany has a very special community feel to it. ‘Patch Life’ is unique as you are unable to drive home each weekend and even though you may brace yourself for the ‘Calais-Rallais’ (rally) there is still something about being part of a community.

The opportunities to travel create a community of its own as soldiers pile into cars and explore European capital cities or organise ‘adventurous training’. Rugby tours and access to skiing mean that some sports become of more interest once in Germany but at times you also have to be inventive!

This sense of community derives from a number of different areas such as the clubs, the people and characters who are your neighbours and the people you meet during your time in your ‘posting’ from the local community.

In ‘Community’ I look at the elements that make up a community and it is far from definitive. You will have your own ideas and experiences and I would welcome your suggestions. These pages can be expanded as other ideas come to mind.